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This is the best contact for all reasons. If you want to order an item do not send a credit card number by email; it is not safe. The information can easily be stolen. If you wish to place an order first look and see if what you have in mind is available through DigiVision Media. If what you want is not on this site or you cannot order through the site for some reason, then you can email what you would like to order then we will send you a link to pay for the items through our secure online shopping cart. Alternatively, it may just be easier to give us a call at one of the numbers below.

Call 800-669-8273

USA Calls Only

If you are calling from the USA and:

  • Would like to place an order, but cannot or do not want to order through the website.
  • Need help operating DigiVision and the Support page did not help you and you prefer to not use email
  • If you are a conference organizer and are considering capturing your next conference on DigiVision

If you have trouble connecting through our toll free number try the USA numbers below. This toll free phone routes through to our local number below. If you cannot reach us through this line, we are likely unavailable and cannot answer through the local line either. If we miss your call, please leave a message and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

Call USA Numbers 208-777-7973

If you are not located in the USA you must call this USA number to reach us. Use this contact method for the same reasons as the Toll Free Phone.


We no longer do any business through a fax line. If you would like to send us any information, please scan and email it, or mail to our address below.

Send Mail to:

DigiVision Media
PO Box 909
Coeur d' Alene, ID 83816 USA

This is not recommended for any reason except for sending official documents, payment checks, and other physical items. If you need to send via FedEx or UPS, please call us to get our physical address.

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