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LDA: Ultra Low Dose Enzyme Activated Immunotherapy

LDA: Ultra Low Dose Enzyme Activated Immunotherapy - $99.00

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6 Lectures, 6 hrs

  1. LDA History and Standard Treatment with LDA – W.A. Shrader, Jr., MD, FAAEM, DABEM
  2. LDA and Treatment of IBD – Kathleen Janel, ND
  3. Q&A – Drs. Janel and Schrader
  4. LDA and Autoimmune Diease – John Wycoff, DO
  5. LDA and Autologouse Vaccine – Ty Vincent MD
  6. Expert Panal – Drs. Janel, Shrader, Vincent and Wycoff

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Includes the above session plus the two below Only $349 Over 69% Savings

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This conference set includes Two sessions:

Environmental Influences on the Brain and Nervous System – $249 Spearately
Nutritional Support for Endogenous Detoxification – $149 Spearately
LDA: Ultra Low Dose Enzyme Activated Immunotherapy (Above) – $99 Spearately

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