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Intelligent Immunity - ACAM 2014 Las Vegas General Session

Intelligent Immunity - ACAM 2014 Las Vegas General Session - $249.00

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17 Lectures, 17 hrs

  1. Metabolic Inflammation: From the Light Into the Dark and Back Jeffery Bland, PhD
  2. Individual Immunotherapy for Cancer Jesse Stoff, MD
  3. VIP: A "Very Important Peptide" in Autoimmunity Professor Mario Delgado
  4. History of Chelation Advances in Today\'s Medicine Garry Gordon, MD
  5. Herd Immunity: Can Mass Vaccination Achieve it? Tetyana Obukhanych, PhD
  6. Questions and Answers Jesse Stoff, MD; Professor Mario Delgado; Garry Gordon, MD; and Tetyana Obukhanych, PhD
  7. The Chemical Erosion of Public Health Immune Function Stephen Genuis, MD
  8. Vitamin D: The Innate Immune System, Barrier Function and Autoimmunity Gerry Shwalfenberg, MD
  9. Stabilizing Immunity in Western Culture William Parker, PhD
  10. The Role of Excessive Vaccines, Excessive Protein in the Diet and Suboptimal Fat Soluble Vitamins in the Development of Autoimmune Disorders Michael B Schachter MD, CSN
  11. LDA: An Incredible New Treatment for Autoimmune Disease, Featuring Molecular Mimicry W. A. Butch Shrader, Jr., MD
  12. Questions and Answers Stephen Genuis, MD; Gerry Shwalfenberg, MD; William Parker, MD; Michael Schachter; and W. A. Butch Shrader, MD
  13. Anti-Inflammatory Lifestyle for Prevention and Treatment of Cancer: Facts and Fiction Bharat B. Aggarwal, PhD
  14. Sleep and the Immune System Howard Hindin, DDS
  15. Latest Advances of Ozone Therapy in Cuba Silvia Menendez Cepero, MD
  16. Essential Fatty Acids: Their Enormous Impact on Increasing Immunity Professor Brian Peskin, BSc
  17. Questions and Answers Bharat Aggarwal, PhD; Howard Hindin, DDS; Silvia Menendez, MD; and Professor Brian Peskin, BSc

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This conference set includes three sessions:

ACAM 2014 Las Vegas General Session "Intelligent Immunity" – $249
ACAM Ozone Therapy Workshop – $149
ACAM Environmental Medicine Workshop – $149

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