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B-HRT Library Volume 5

B-HRT Library volume 5 - $199.00

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25 Lectures

  1. The Importance of Copying Nature with Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy - Jonathan Wright, MD
  2. What You Must Know About Women's Hormones - Pamela Smith, MD, MPH
  3. Hormone Myths vs Medical Evidence - Ron Rothenberg, MD
  4. The Importance of Estriol - Jonathan Wright, MD
  5. Estroil and The Treatment of Vaginal Dryness and Hormone Dosing - Wendy Ellis, ND
  6. The Most Common Problems Seen in Female HRT Part 1 of 2 - Wendy Ellis, ND
  7. The Most Common Problems Seen in Female HRT: Case Studies Part 2 of 2 - Pamela Smith, MD
  8. Monitoring and Manipulation HRT: Dosages and MEtabolization for Sagety and Efficacy in Women - Wendy Ellis, ND
  9. 24 hour Urine and Blood Hormone Lab Testing with Case Studies -
  10. Thyroid Optimization - Ron Rothenberg, MD
  11. Treating Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency - Ron Rothenberg, MD
  12. Intial Patient Work Up and Follow Up: Panel Discussion - Pamela Smith, MD; Ron Rothenberg, MD; Jonathan Wright, MD; and Wendy Ellis, ND
  13. Dosage Forms, Laws Related to Compounding. Governing Laws Relative to Prescribing, Safety in Perscribing - John Grasela, RPh
  14. Testosterone Therapeutics and its Modulation - Ron Rothenberg, MD
  15. Testosterone Modulation - Jonathan Wright, MD
  16. Hormones and Inflammation - Ron Rothenberg, MD
  17. Vitamin D - Ron Rothenberg, MD
  18. How to Prescribe: The Nuts and Bolts of Anti-Aging Medicine - Ron Rothenberg, MD
  19. Case Studies - Pamela Smith, MD
  20. Demystifying Weightloss - Pamela Smith, MD
  21. The Importance of Hormones and the Cardiovascular System - Pamela Smith, MD
  22. Adrenal Fatigue: Evaluation and Treatment , Nutrient and Botanical Support, and Cell Therapy - Jonathan Wright, MD
  23. An Oncologist View of Hormones and Breast Cancer - Khalid Mahmud, MD
  24. Hormones, Nutritients and Appearence - Jonathan Wright, MD
  25. Insulin Resistance - Jonathan Wright, MD

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This conference set includes Three sessions:

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