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Foundational IV Nutrition Workshop

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DigiVision media is a revolutionary technology that Plays in Your Computer on a disc and is User Friendly. You will see and hear the speaker and at the same time the slides advance automatically. It allows you to Review the Slides at Your Pace by adjusting the play speed anywhere from half speed to double speed. You can also Save the Slides as a Picture. The most amazing feature is that you can Word Search the Entire Presentation. It Is Just Like Being At The Show!

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Central Drugs is also here to assist beginners in IV Nutrition Therapy. This course is very practice oriented with practical suggestions on setting up your office, safety and legal concerns as well as reviewing many protocols.


  1. Learn how your practice benefit with the use of IV therapy
  2. Learn how to make and administer IV solutions for a variety of protocols
  3. Understand lab values and benefits to patients
  4. Learn how to calculate osmolarity
  5. Learn business building tips
This is a pre-order item. The item is not yet available because it is still in production. However, a pre-order entitles you to a copy that will be sent out as soon as production is complete. If you order the online access option you will be sent an email once the content is available for viewing. We expect to finish production by March 20th.

  1. Foundational IV Nutrition Workshop
  2. B-HRT Workshop Volume 2

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