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COVD 2008 Applied Concept Course Lens Prescribing

COVD 2008 Applied Concept Course Lens Prescribing - $149.00

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COVD 2008 Conference Therapeutic Lens Prescribing Applied Concept Course Course by Kellye Knueppel and Brenda Heinke Motecalvo on DigiVision :: 2 Full Days
Optometrists have been using lenses to influence development of vision for over 80 years. Dr. A.M. Skeffington introduced using lenses for other than refractive conditions in 1928. No other profession better appreciates the impact lenses can have on patient’s lives. This course will discuss how to better understand and use lenses in diagnosing and treating vision problems commonly found in optometric practices specializing in vision therapy.
In this interactive presentation attendees will: discuss utilization of lenses, prisms, filters and occlusion to evaluate a patient’s visual system, be able to prescribe a performance prescription and improve outcomes in the vision therapy room with lenses prisms and filters. Participants will enjoy a video based lecture style, hands-on workshops and case presentations.
Presentations with demonstrations and workshops will include information about the optics of lenses, properties of lens materials, explanations of various theories to prescribing, how to relate the case history to potential lens prescriptions, dynamic retinoscopy, designing a complete treatment program that includes performance lenses and utlization of lenses in the therapy room, prescribing for strabismus, amblyopia, myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the optics of lenses and prisms 
  • Be aware of the various theories in prescribing 
  • Evaluate the patient’s visual system with lenses, prisms, filters and occlusion 
  • Be able to develop a wide range of prescription options including performance lenses 
  • Design a complete treatment program that includes performance lenses and utilization of lenses in vision therapy 
  • Perform various types of case analysis 
  • Understand the properties of lens materials and how they affect visual performance 
  • Perform dynamic retinoscopy

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Lecture Series: College of Optometrists in Vision Development
Lecture Year: 2008
Lecture Season:
Sku: COV-081WSS5

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