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Vision Therapy 101 By Tom Headline, COVT and Jennifer Mullen, COVT

COVD Vision Therapy 101 By Tom Headline, COVT and Jennifer Mullen, COVT on DigiVision - $149.00

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Free Lecture: Optometric Management of Dizziness and Dysequilibrium - Curtis R. Baxstrom, OD


Two day workshop, 11.25 hours running time.

This course is designed for the entry-level vision therapist to acquaint them with an understanding of the visual process and the tools implemented by vision therapists under the direction of their optometrist to address a variety of visual issues. In addition, participants will learn specific vision therapy procedures to train individual visual skills as well as how to modify these procedures to the appropriate demand level for their given patient. Participants should arrive with a basic understanding of optometric terminology as related to refractive errors and anatomical structures of the eyes.

Learning Objectives

Our goal is that by the end of this course, you will have a better understanding of the visual system and how to work with it. In addition, you will develop proficiency to work with the tools of vision therapy and learn how to develop and modify vision therapy procedures to accommodate your patient's level of ability.

About Tom Headline

Tom Headline worked his way through college as a vision therapist and graduated from San Jose State University with Great Distinction with a Bachelor of Science in Business Finance and two minors, one in Spanish and one in Humanities. After his graduation, Tom realized he wanted to continue to make a positive impact on people's lives, so he continued his work as a vision therapist and currently works in two offices in the San Francisco Bay Area – Optometric Center for Family Vision Care & Vision Therapy in San Carlos, California with Drs. Carole Hong, O.D. FCOVD, & Macson Lee, O.D. as well as with Dr. Ben Popilsky in Aptos, California. In 2003, Tom co-authored a training manual for vision therapists entitled, The Vision Therapist's Toolkit. He also started his own vision therapy products company, Headline Vision Enterprises, Inc. In 2006, Tom was awarded the Certified Optometric Vision Therapist of the Year by the College of Optometrists in Vision Development, and in 2009, he received the Lora McGraw Award from the California Regional Vision Therapists' Forum. Tom performs educational seminars both locally and internationally about the prevalence of vision problems and their impact upon people's daily lives. He resides in San Jose and enjoys gardening, hiking, photography and cooking.

About Jennifer Mullen

Jennifer Mullen began her career in vision therapy at EyeCare Professionals, P.C. in Hamilton, NJ in 1993. As a young woman somewhat lacking in direction, being hired by Dr. Barry Tannen and Dr. Nick Despotidis proved to be quite serendipitous. With their excellent guidance, she grew to have a passion for vision therapy and the powerful changes it makes in people's lives. The drive to better serve her patients drove her to obtain her COVT certification in 1996.

For nearly 20 years she has worked with a myriad of patients including children with learning disabilities, children with developmental delays and ASD, and patients with TBI. All these patients have woven a tapestry of experience, which has caused her passion for vision therapy to spill over into a passion for getting others to love it as much as she does! Thus she takes an active role in training new therapists, works side by side with VT residents, and mentors new COVT candidates. It is her hope to "spread the VT bug", so more lives can be changed through vision therapy.

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  3. Vision Therapy 101 by Tom Headlline, COVT and Jennifer Mullen, COVT - $149

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