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85th International Conference on Light and Vision

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DigiVision media is a Plays in Your Computer on a USB or via online streaming and is User Friendly. You will see and hear the speaker and the slides at the same time. It allows you to Review the Slides at Your Pace by adjusting the play speed or advance based on slide. You can also Save the Slides. The most amazing feature is that you can Word Search the Entire Presentation. It Is Just Like Being At The Show!

FREE LECTURE: Seeing the Light: Syntonics in the Treatment of Acquired Brain Injury by Robert S Fox, OD, FCOVD


  1. 85th Light and Vision Conference - CSO General Session
  2. Optometric Syntonic Phototherapy 101
  3. Optometric Syntonic Phototherapy 102

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The CSO Library Membership gives you access to all CSO content for a full year. All previous content is immediately available to you when you sign up, and new content is automatically added to your account as it becomes available. Maintain your membership and always have the most up-to-date CSO content and the archive library at your finger tips. 1st year includes the $500.00 new membership fee plus the $300.00 annual membership maintenance fee. Every year after that is only the $300.00 membership maintenance fee.

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