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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The following are common questions from customers just like you. Please see if your question is already answered here before you contact us. We also have more detailed information about how we operate as a company in our Terms of Service.

What is DigiVision? What are DigiVision's features? Let us show you.

How to log in and watch my DigiVision videos? We have a dedicated support page here: How to log in and watch my DigiVision videos.

Help me! I can't get my DigiVision to work. We have a dedicated technical support page.

What's the difference between online, USB, or disc options? As far as the content goes, there is no difference between the delivery types. The videos you order for online access will be identical to the videos you order on USB. The only difference is how you get and watch the videos. All delivery types require the use of a computer. For physical items like the disc or USB, we send you the physical item, you plug it into your computer, then you watch the videos. You don't need internet access to watch videos delivered to you on physical media. For online access, you go to our website and log in, then click on the videos you want to watch. You do need internet access to watch videos delivered to you for online access. We currently offer physical media at an additional charge: $20 plus shipping. We plan to eventually offer only online access.

Do I need internet to watch the videos on my disc or USB? No, everything you need to watch the videos is on the disc or USB. If you order "online access", naturally, you will need internet to watch those videos.

How long does online access last? We are currently offering a lasting license, according to our terms of service. We allow online access to your purchases as long as we are an operating company, which we certainly hope is a very long time. Yeah, but how long have you been in business? Okay, fair enough. Since 1972.

What will my credit card statement say? It'll say "Great job! You made the right decision to invest in yourself and your practice." Just joking. Charges from us may read one of the following, depending on your card carrier: DigiVision, DigiVision Media, Insta-Tape Inc, Insta-Tapes.

What is a "new membership fee"? Some of our library memberships are billed annually, but give immediate access to many years worth of conference videos. The new membership fee represents the high value immediately gained when you sign up, whereas the annually charged fee represents the value gained as new material is added with each conference. For example, COVD membership is a $400 annual fee with an $800 new membership fee. This represents $1,200 of value immediately gained when you sign up. Similar items were previously sold for $1,500. The memberships are designed to be cheaper in the long run.

What if I already ordered videos in the past and don't think it's fair to pay a new membership fee? We know who you are and we're excited you want more DigiVision love. If you've order a bunch of videos from any of the subscription items we offer, just contact us and we'll see what we can do about that new membership fee.

Does a specific item come with CME or a certification? No, none of our workshops are accompanied by a certification or CME credit. However, most of our video workshops were recorded at a live conference event where the attendees were offered CME credit, so the level of material is the same. Depending on your state, you may be able to apply for independent study. Contact your state board and see if you need a special receipt from us.

Where's the fine print? "There are a few provisos, a couple of quid pro quos." - Genie. See our Terms of Service.

Why is your logo an Elephant? Because we actually moonlight as Elephant zookeepers. No, that's not right. It's because the Elephant is our spirit animal. Wait, that's not right either. Because an elephant never forgets. Yeah, that's the ticket. An elephant never forgets, and you'll never forget with DigiVision.

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