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Renewal Options for Online Video Content

When you order DigiVision video content for online access, you are given unhindered access for two full years from the date of your order. Renewal is easy and cheap. Every time you purchase something from DigiVision media, your access to all of your videos is renewed for another two years. If your access has expired or is about to expire, you can do one of the following:

  1. Order any item
  2. Pay the renewal fee

Order a any item

Every time you order something, no matter what the price is, all items you have ordered in the past will be renewed for two full years from your most recent purchase. For example, if you order an item in January, you are given access until January two years later. If you then order a different item in June, then you will have access to both items until June two years later. And if you order a third item the following December, you will be given access to all three items until December two years later. This process is automatic. You do not need to do anything to make sure your access dates are updated. You must order using the same email address that you use to log in. Your login email address is your unique account name to which all your access is attached.

Pay the renewal fee

If you have ordered any items in the past and access is about to expire, you can pay the renewal fee for another two year's access. Currently, the fee is only $20 for everything you have purchased. For example, if you have purchased three items in January, you are given access until January two years later. If you have not ordered anything before that time, then you may pay the renewal fee of only $20 to continue access to all three items for another two years. You will be emailed multiple times before your access expires.

Can I ever lose access permanently?

Your account has a permanent record of all your previous purchases. As long as you've made a purchase in the last two years, you will keep your access. If your access does expire, simply make a purchase or pay the renewal fee. Even if your access has been expired for a long time, it will be renewed immediately after any new purchase.

What about recurring payment subscription items?

Some items DigiVision offers are subscription items. Typically, these items give you access to the most up-to-date information for an auto-charged annual fee. These items do count toward keeping access to any conventional, non-subscription items that you have purchased. However, a conventional, non-subscription purchase does not renew any subscription items. Subscription items must be maintained with the annual fee to keep access. If your subscription expires, you can always create a new one and regain access.

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